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The Walktunes Internship Program



Company executive that runs a major music company, leads the largest art foundation in the state, consults for 7 others, manages a signed artist/producer, while also running a booking agency is seeking an assistant. I work with some of the top artists and producers in the world, as well as conduct business with high profile media platforms and executives. I am swamped with a massive workload and need an assistant to help manage day-to-day tasks. Pay is minimal at first (25k/year), and is based on commission. Based on quality of work, full time position with excellent pay (40k/year) will be available per impending deals. 


Assistant will be ‘thrusted’ directly into the fast paced world of music and media. If you love the music business, this is the perfect opportunity for growth into upper management position, unlike most industry jobs today. The work is not glamorous most of the time, but it is rewarding. 


If you're lazy, only here for the glitzy events and do not meet the requirements below, DO NO APPLY. Time is precious. Dues are best paid with relentless effort. 



-Communicate with some of my personal contacts (must remain professional) 

-Obtain new contacts in industry 

-Effectively communicate and relay messages to others on behalf of executive 

-Nurture and grow existing relationships 

-Recruiting brand-mates

-Handle time sensitive tasks 

-Drafting, responding and creating documents with company sponsors

-Manage schedule and to-do-list 

-Other day to day duties as needed




-Live in or around Denver, CO (relocation stipend offered) 

-Mobility (whether by car or public transportation) 

-Advanced knowledge of industry based web platforms (blogs, magazines, etc) *Very Important* 

-Advanced knowledge of inspirational culture 

-Exceptional writing skills 

-Exceptional written and verbal communication skills 

-Very organized 

-Highly motivated and diligent 

-Great time management (Must have time to do work) 

-Be very professional at all times 

-Great observational skills 

-Ability to think on your feet 

-Have thick skin 

-Ability to work with little to no supervision 

-Result based, can do attitude 

-Must be proactive 

-Fast learner 

-Be resourceful and reliable 

-Ability to take direction 

-Advanced knowledge of social media 

-No other major commitments beside school or family

-Knowledge of industry personnel 

-Won't take no for an answer 

-Don't have a heavy party lifestyle 

-Don't have bad habits with drugs or alcohol 

-Do not want to be a star or personality in front of camera 

-Won’t rattle under pressure 

-Great memory 


A plus, not mandatory: 

-Prior experience working in entertainment 

-Major in Business Administration, Management, Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Entertainment or any related field.




Required - Microsoft Office, Email Etiquette, Administrative Management, Administrative Assistant, E-recruitment, Event Planning, Client Confidentiality, General Problem Solving, Self-confidence, Charismatic Leadership, Web Browsing


Preferred – Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, iPhoto, iMessage, iEVERYTHING


Send Resume and cover letter to Demetria Barlow –

NO phone calls will be accepted. 

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